Yes it may look like leather but it's cork.

Chris Saint believe in eco-conscious design, therefor the ethical aspect is key for us. Cork is vegan and eco-friendly. It’s also a natural, malleable material that makes it great to work with. The cork bark is nearly 90% air, giving it a high level of elasticity and durability.


Cork is the bark of the Quercus suber, or “cork oak”, trees are only stripped some 20 years after they are first planted, in line with an ancient form of Portuguese agroforestry known as montado. Every nine years thereafter, farmers shave off the bark in a process that doesn’t harm the tree, since cork bark replenishes itself. The date of the last harvest is marked on the trunk, so that the next round of extraction never violates the nine-year rule – and trees are only harvested until they are 200 years old.

The working practices are ethical too. In many cases, the cultivation process spans generations, and legacy cork farming is one of the last remaining high-skilled, highly paid forms of forestry in the western world.


Made in Portugal

Portugal is home to almost one million hectares of cork forest. These ancient woodlands, which are mostly located in the south of the country, are home to more than 200 animal species. Plant diversity can reach 135 species per square metre, according to the World Wildlife Fund.