The craftsmanship

The Amulet

A paper with the graphics is glued to a 0,4mm silver plate. The silversmith then drill holes for the letters and symbols. The holes must be big enough for a saw blade which is about 0.1x 0,3 mm. Then a goldsmith’s saw is used as both saw and file to make the characters. The plate is arched and an underside, in this case 1.5 mm, is formed. The plates are soldered together. A loop for the cord is attached to the underside. It’s stamped with a silver stamp. And after some final finish the original Amulet is now ready for the casting. 

  A rubber mold is made of the original Amulet and filled with wax. The wax model is casted in plaster and when the plaster is solid it’s heated to 600°C and the wax is burned out. The silver is heated to liquid form and inserted into the form. After the casting the Amulet is grinded and polished to create the surface and expression desired. Finally the letters and symbols are blackened with silver oxide.


the cork cord

Cork is vegan and eco-friendly. It’s also a natural, malleable material that makes it great to work with. The cork bark is nearly 90% air, giving it a high level of elasticity and durability. We chose a small cork supplier in Portugal that works with an ethical and quality mindset.


The Assembly

The cork cord is cut to the right length. The Amulet and the Bird Ring are assembled to the cord. Finally small silver rings are used to lock the ends of the cord.

It will take a few weeks of usage before your bracelet get The Rough Look, the patinated and stylish well-worn look when colour starts to peel off.