The Drawing Board

Each bracelet begins on a piece of paper. Our master craftsman begins sketching each facet for each bracelet, making sure her perfectly captures the elusive essence of the Chrissaint bracelet.

Forging the Amulet

Beautiful works of art can be woven from the most innocuous materials. Our bracelets are made with sustainable materials and local artisans. 

Coming Together

Jan deftly weaves the bracelet together, knot by knot. He then slips on the bird ring, ties the bracelet around the amulet, and then ties off the end with the steel clasp.

The Final Touches

Love is detail. Jan spends hours polishing the silver amulet and bird ring, file upon file, until it gleams with that perfect glow. He then take one final pass, making sure every thread is in place, before (reluctantly) letting it go.